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The British Army currently has eight recognised ice hockey teams; RE Sappers, RLC Chiefs, AGC Lions, AAC Hawks, REME Stallions, Infantry Ice Hockey, Royal Signals Ice Hockey and the Army All Stars. If you belong to one of these corps/regiments and would like to get involved playing ice hockey please message us and we can put you touch with the relevant coach/manager. Point to note, the Army All Stars is the team for players that don’t have their own corps/regimental team and the Army Blades are pooled from the best of these teams.


The British Army is establishing its first women-only ice hockey team, Army Fury. This fledgling team are drawing together experienced and new players keen to learn the sport of ice hockey. If you are interested in getting involved as a player, please contact the Army Women’s Ice Hockey secretary.



03 Jun - 07 Jun Inter services Tournament Sheffield RSTB
03 Jun - 07 Jun Tri services tournament Sheffield RSTB
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Army Ice Hockey Association

President –Col Tim Gillies MBE

Chair – Lt Col Laura Ellis REME

Operations Manger – Capt Rory Mcluskey

Treasurer –Lt Col Mike Grierson


Army Women’s Ice Hockey

Chair – Lt Col Laura Ellis REME

Operations Manger – Capt Bernadene Varty QARANC

Team Manager – Maj Jen Hollins RAMC